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Seven years of 'humanity to others' through a Free Operating System

 On  20th Oct. 2004 Canonical Ltd announced the first release of worlds most popular and sexy operating system Ubuntu. The first release was code named as "Warty Warthog".  From their onwards Ubuntu was a grant success with more than 20 million users across the glob. A totally free and open source operating system attains much popularity than any other similar proprietary operating systems with in seven years. This is a remarkable achievement by the humanity behind Ubuntu operating system. People who dedicated their free times to write code, test and use the operating system and Cannonical Ltd. made it possible. And they continues the journey to serve the humanity with better Operating System that satisfies the computing needs of "Common Man".  Kudos to the entire team behind Ubuntu !!!

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FOSS Workshop at PSR Engineering College Sivakasi

Ane one day workshop on Free and Open Source Software has been conducted at PSR Engineering College, Sevalpatti, Sivakasi,Tamilnadu. I was invited to give an introduction to Python in the workshop. Mr. Chidambaresan an alumni of the PSR Engineering college picked me for the workshop. I reached Sattur by morning 4.30 and Chidambaresan picked me to a lodge for refreshments. By 7.30 A.M Chidambaresan and his friend arrived at lodge and we started to the college. On the way we picked Suthan HOD, MCA, Sivanthi Engineering College from Kovilpatti. After taking breakfast from Kovilpatti we headed towards the college. During the journy we discussed about FOSS and Engineering Syllabus, FOSS, ILUGC, and ILUGCBE and bit of politics too ;-) . We reached the college by 09.30 AM and we met the HOD, faculty members and Principal of the College. We had a nice discussion about students and their learning mentality, the necessity of motivating students to learn FOSS and contribute to FOSS. The college is located in a very nice and ambient village called Sevalpatti. Most of the students are from nearby villages or towns.

We started the workshop by 10.10 A.M. There was a small meeting which introduced Suthan and me to the students. after the introduction Suthan started his session on Introduction FOSS and FOSS Philosophy. He started the talk with nice examples and explained the concept of FOSS and its history. Even he explained it Tamil too, to reach the message up to the heart of the students. After the talk he gave a demo on how to install Ubuntu. The students came up with lots of doubts about on FOSS. After lunch we started the second session on Python programming. Jaganadh G (me) gave an interactive lecture on the basics of Python programming. The students were surprised to learn such a simple and powerful language. Then Chidambaresan gave a small and insperative talk on the necessity od students to learn and contribute to FOSS.  After the Python session there was a valedictory function too. HOD and faculty members of the IT department was present in the function. HOD of IT department distributed certificates and Ubuntu CD to the participants. Some of the students came forward to give feedback on the workshop. This is the first time FOSS is being introduced in the college. Chidambaresan took the pain to make it happen in the college. We hope that some of the students will following the message of FOSSS.

The workshop ended by 4.00 PM and we returned to Sattur by car, hoping that FOSS will be flourishing at Sivkasi region.

Some snaps from the workshop


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Laughlin comes soon Fedora14

Fedora 14 code named as "Laughlin" is coming soon !!!
Fedora 14 Laughlin released in 17 days.
Fedora 14 Laughlin released in 17 days.
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Fedora-13 "Goddard" coming soon !!!!!!

Fedora 13 code named as "Goddard" is coming soon !!!


Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Release Party



Fedora-12 (Constantine) released

Fedora 12 released today .

See the release documentation here
Installation guide

To download go to

Fedora-12 comes with
Kernal - 2.6.31
KDE 4.3
NOME 2.28

It has mobilin support too.

Happy hacking !!


BioPuppy2.0 released

BioPuppy- "BioPuppy is an minimal Linux OS and electronic workbench for bio-informatics and computational biology. It has been designed to meet the needs of beginners, learners, students, staffs and Research scholars."

The developers announced the release of BioPuppy2.0 today . You can download it from .

It is great GNU/Linux distro for Life Science people.

Please spread the message

Happy Hacking !!!!!!

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Hackett and Bankwell Issue 2 is available now

"Hackett and Bankwell is an educational comic/cartoon manual designed to teach the finer points of the GNU Linux platform using Ubuntu."

Hackett and Bankwell the linux comic issue 2 is available now from
This introduces CLI (Command Line Interface).
Those who missed the Issue-1 please check it out from

Happy Hacking !!!

Happy Onam


baner flight and toilet in GNU/Linux

Do you like to show you name in colourful banner mode, when you are starting the terminal.

If so read this.

and this


Lesser Known Linux Commands

In Raman's blog I found some Linux command description.

Readit from his blog






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