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HBase Administration Cookbook by Yifeng Jiang : Review

 Packt publishers has announced a new book HBase Administration Cookbook by Yifeng Jiang. I think this is the first Big-Data book from Packt. The name suggest that the book HBase Administration Cookbook by Yifeng Jiang is essentially for people who is playing with HBase and would like to deep dive into HBase administration essentials. The book discusses various essential topics in HBase administration starting from installation to performance tuning. The book targets big-data administration professionals primarily. The author discusses the art and science of HBase administration in nine systematically arranged chapters. The initial chapter deals with installation of Habse in Amazone EC2 instance and discusses various setting . The chapter ends with High Availability master settings. The second chapter deals with migrating data to Habse. There is a detailed discussion on how to migrate MySQL data to HBase. This may be interesting for people who plans to migrate existing data to HBase. The third chapter mainly deals with HBase administration tools and over view of the tools. Data backup and restoration is one of the key concept when we discuss about data management. Fourth chapter of this book deals with data backup, restoration and replication in HBase. The fifth chapter deals with HBase cluster monitoring and diagnosis. The chapter comes with beautiful scripts for reporting cluster status. Security aspects of Habse is being discussed in chapter six. Security essentials for HBase and Hadoop with Kerberos is also discussed with detailed examples. Necessary troubleshooting aspects for HBase administration is discussed in chapter seven. Performance tuning and advanced configuration etc are discussed in chapter eight and nine.

The author has presented each topics in the book in lucid and digestive manner. Necessary examples and explanations were provided throughout the book; which helps the reader to gain a hands on experience in HBase administration. Even though some books are available on general aspects of Habse this is the first book which deals with HBase administration in detail. This book will be helpful for budding HBase and big-data administrators. Even though the book discusses the cluster setup and installation based on Amazone EC2 smart administrators can manage the same in their non Amazone clusters.
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