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New book by Packt:'Python Text Processing with NLTK2.0 Cookbook'

Packt Publishing releases a new book 'Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook' by Jacob Perkins ( I received review copy of the book today. I will put a review of the book here soon. The book comes with lot of practical examples and tips.

An extracted chapter from the book is available for download at

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Book Review: MySQL for Python (Packt) by Albert Lukaszewski

MySQL for Python by Albert Lukaszewski is a must have for all Python programmers who is working with MySQL database. It provides a comprehensive overview of MySQL Python programming. There was a lack of such a good book on MySQL + Python. Developers and newbies who is interested and working in MySQL and Python used to refer some blog posts as reference resource for Python MySQL programming. Thankfully we have a new comprehensive book on MySQL Python programming. If you are a Python programmer and novice in MySQL definitely this book will help you to get good knowledge in MySQL too. I am giving 4.5 out of 5 stars for this book.

The first chapter of the book deals with installation and configuration of mysqldb Python module. It is well written one. Even a new be can properly do the installation after reading the chapter. Installation methods for different GNU/Linux distros, and Microsoft Windows is explained in this chapter. First time I am reading such an extensive installation introduction in any books. The chapter also discuss basics of MySQL DB programming with Python.

The second chapter deals with query formation, passing query to MySQL, dynamic query processing and applying user defined variables in MySQL query. If you created a MySQL database which mentioned in chapter and follows it you may fell in to trouble here. The DB which you created is named as 'menu'; contains a table 'fish'. In second chapter also for examples this DB is quoted. But instead of "SELECT * FROM fish" the author used "SELECT * FROM menu". I am not sure is it an error or not.

The third chapter deals with the data insertion in MySQL database(Insert) . Both chapters gives basic introduction to the MySQL database and accessing MySQL database with python program. The fourth chapter deals with exception handling in MySQL Python programming. This chapter can be downloaded from the Packt website for free. It contains concise description of error handling mechanism in python-mysqldb module. It discusses about six types of database errors and how to handle it in MySQL DB Python programming. The fifth chapter deals with fetching and processing record by record and by chunks. The sixth chapter discusses how to handle large data in MySQL python programming. It gives good examples for how to execute multiple INSERT statements rapidly. The fifth and sixth chapter gives concise idea about dynamic data insertion and retrieval from MySQL database with Python. It gives how to use the executemany() function in python-mysqldb module and the contexts when it is not be used. The seventh chapter gives a detailed picture on how to create and drop databases. It also teaches you to manage database instances with Python and database table creation automation. Eight chapter is about user management in MySQL db. This chapter discuss about user creation and access control in MySQL database with Python. Handling date and time value is discussed in chapter nine. It gives illustrative examples for frequently used functions for managing date and time with Python in MySQL.

Aggregate functions like COUNT(), MAX(), GROUP BY etc are discussed in chapter ten. The eleventh chapter discuss about use of WHERE, HAVING etc... and joining tables. Examples are illustrated with the help of "sakila" db. String processing in MySQL is discussed in the chapter twelve. The chapter discusses about the SUBSTRING(), CONCAT() statements.

The 13th and 14th chapter discusses some more advanced database programming concepts. The 13th chapter discusses about accessing MySQL metadata and the 14th chapter discusses about data base backup and recovery techniques.

Each chapters contains mini projects on the concepts discussed in the chapters. It helps the reader to make hads dirty with MySQL Python programming. The language and narration style in the book is so nice. Now there is no need to Python-MySQL developers search in the web to get tips and help.

The book touches almost all the MySQL database programming techniques except ORM. All the examples and projects explained is is simply practically oriented. I personally worked out most of the code in the book.

The final word. 1) This book is a must have reference in your desk if you are a Python programmer works with MySQL database.
2) If you are a Ptyhon programmer and newbie in MySQL you can gain knowledge in MySQL as well as Python MySQL programming.
3) Experienced MySQL programmers can skip many parts in each chapter. The book gives good tips than other blog and resource om MySQL python programming.
4) In-short it is bible for Python-MySQL programmers

Some issues I found in the book are:
1) The installation instructions for .rpm based system "sudo yum install " . 'sudo' is not being used by many of the experienced programmers. It seems to be a command used in debian based systems like Ubuntu.
2) In the first chapter we create a db called 'menu' with a table 'fish'. But in subsequent chapters queries are introduced as "SELECT * FROM menu" etc.. I am not sure if it is an error.
Go today and have a copy of the book . tom:content>MySQLPythonReviewDatabase Programming

Practical Machine Learning. My talk slides at BarCamp Kerala 9

Slides for my talk My talk at BarCamp Kerala 9. Practical Machine Learning : (An introduction to Apache Mahout)

Source code for this talk is available at
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Second Meeting of ILUGCBE - A report

The second meeting of ILUGCBE held at Amritha University, Ettimadai on 14th Nov 2010 . The meeting started by 4.30 PM . The meeting started by a welcome talk by Prof.Adhinarayanan of Amritha University. Kennethe Gonsalves gave a brief introduction about ILUGCEB. After the introduction Jaganadh G gave a talk on "Will FOSS help me to get a job?" . The talk was followed by a small discussion. Prof. Adhinarayanan explained how they are training the students to work on FOSS. Some suggestions were pop up from the audience regarding the same. The next talk was given by Kenneth Gonsalves about Python programming language. We are surprised to see that a couple of Amritha students are good in Python. The next talk was by Sundaram Ramachandran . He started with an intro to FOSS philosophy. Then he switched to the FOSS based development activities in his organization. Both talks were followed by some hot discussions. The meeting ended by 6.15 PM.

Around 50 preople participated in the meeting . We are happy to see that even faculty members from Amrtitha attened the meeting. A good number of students participated in the meeting.

Some snaps from the meet (Photo taken by Kannan ,Padmanabha and Bala Showdesh)
ilubcbeFree and Open SourceFree SoftwareGNU/Linux

BarCamp Kerala 9 a report

BarCamp Kerala 9 held at Amrithapuri Campus kollam on 14 November 2009. This is the first time I am appearing in a BarCamp. I reached the venue around 12.15 PM. I came with my fried Rajeev Raj. When I reached Hiran was explaining about Open Movie and the Sintel movie show was in progress. There was a discussion on open movie and the 'Chamba' project. When they mentioned about 'blender' lots of tweets appeared comparing Maya with Blender. Praseed Pai , Hiran and another guy(I forgot his name) explained about Blender and replied for some question regarding Maya vs Blender. Then everybody went for lunch. The post lunch session started with a talk on Open Street map by Pavithran. Lots of questions came from the audience about the data and its licensing. Even people tried to compare Open Stree tMap with Google maps. In the discussion time I too tried answer questions regarding Google and Open Street Map comparison. The next talk was on PhoneGap an application for building web applications for mobile platform. A group of hackers took a session on Wifi and they did some demo also. It was an informative one. Some people tweeted that it is 12th class lessons. The next session was handled by me on "Practical Machine Learning" . When the next talk was in progress I left the campus. Because I was in a hurry to reach home and return to Coimbatore.

It was a nice experience and I added some new friends too. If barcamp happens again I will be attending it .
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BarCamp Kerala9

The 9th edition of BarCamp Kerala (BCK9), will be held at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus at Karunagapally on 14th November 2010 tom:content>BarCamp

New book by Packt: MySQL for Python

Packt Publishing provided an e-book of their new book "MySQL for Python" by Albert Lukaszewski. I will be reading the book during my deepavali holidays and I will put a review on the book here.

They provided link to a free chapter (Chapter No. 4 - Exception Handling) also . If you are interested in Python and MySQL feel free to read it.
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