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"Blekko" a new Search Engine launches tomorrow (1st Nov. 2010)

"Blekko" a new Search Engine launches tomorrow (1st Nov. 2010)

Starting a new search start-up is bit difficult and requires extra ordinary preparation; both technical and mentally. With in the past few years we met many new search engines. "Cuil" which was one among them. It was considered as one o the successful startup in Siliconvally. It was started by a group of Ex Google employees. But on on September 17, 2010 Cuil disappoint from the World Wide Web :-( . Alo we have seen the rise of search engines with difference like Wolfram|Alpha and Hakia . I dont know how many search engine users in India is using Guruji an India Specific Search Engine . Alexa rank of Guruji is very poor :-( .

Let's come to the brand new search engine "Blekko" !!. Blekko started the ground work for the search engine befor 2.5 years. One of the co-foundrs of Blekko is a well-known person "Rich Skrenta": who created the first computer virus "Elk Cloner" . In June 2008 Techcrunch published an article about Blekko titled "The Next Google Search Challenger: Blekko" . Then onwards people were waiting anxiously for the release of Blekko service. It is going to happen on 1st November 2010 .

Blekko remains private alpha up to today midnight. I got an opportunity to use the system in its private beta stage. Thanks for the Blekko team for providing access to the system.

Is Belkko different ?

As like any typical search engine Blekko is a full search engine. I don't know whether they can beat Google in the size of index, search speed and relevancy .The company says that they are on Par with Google and Bing for almost all queries. I just searched my name and results was nice. When I search google with keyword "jaganadh" it displays result for "jagannath". But blekko return result for "jaganadh". But if you ask it is good or bad I am bit confused? because there are obvious reasons for saying it as good and bad at the same time. The one reason is my name is pure Indian in nature and can be written with many spellings and its is name of a famous god too. It may be difficult for a search engine to assume what is the intention of the user. At the same time I am happy that Blekko gives exact result for a given spelling, because I searched for mentioning my name. But for a person who is searching about god; I don't know :-) :-(. I tried many other keywords and I was satisfied with the results. I created a couple of slash tags too :-)

The new feature which they introduces is called 'slash tag'. Users can create their own slashtags based on a group of URLs. The slogan which they put in the face page of "Blekko" is "get ready to slash the web" . Lets wait a few more hour and see whether Blekko can "slash" the web or not. I know that there is nothing like "Google Killer" . Still I am eager to see wheatear a search engine war will be starting or not :-)
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Syam @ 06.11.2010 16:02 GMT
I searched for one of my own blog entries: "remaster red hat enterprise linux" (without the quotes) in blekko and Google. I prefer Google's results.
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