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Redmine installation is easy now !!!

 Redmine the Open Source Project Management tool installation is easy now. A Bitnami stack is available for Redmine now. You can download the stack from Bitnami site and install with in 10 minutes. It is great. I took around two days to install and configure it before. Todat I did it with 10 minutes .

Happy hacking !!!!!!!!!

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Google launches multilingual dictionary service

 Google launched a new language service - Google Dictionary. It is a multilingual bilingual dictionary. It provides access to English to 30 other world languages. Major Indian Languages are covered in the dictionary. English to any Language(L) and Language(L) to English search facility is there . If somebody searches a word it will show meaning in taget language , related phrases and web definitions. A sample search result for English <> Tamil is given below. I searched for 'book'. Result

Found in dictionary: English > Tamil.
Related phrases
indent book
தேவைக் கோரிக்கைப் பதிவேடு
lung book
நுரையீரல் ஏடு
நூல் மதிப்புரை
book adjustment
புத்தக வழிச் சரி செய்தல்
book of accounts
book debt
புத்தகக் கடன்
வரவு செலவுக் கணக்கியல்
book trade
புத்தகத் தொழில்
account book
கணக்குப் புத்தகம்
book post
நூல் அஞ்சல்
Web definitions
a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together); "I am reading a good book on economics"
physical objects consisting of a number of pages bound together; "he used a large book as a doorstop"
record: a compilation of the known facts regarding something or someone; "Al Smith used to say, `Let's look at the record'"; "his name is in all the record books"
The googlization continues 

New book in 'Head First' series with python

 There is a new book came in the 'Head First' series with Python language examples.

Head First Programming

A learner's guide to programming using the Python language

ByDavid Griffiths, Paul BarryPublisher:O'Reilly MediaReleased: November 2009 Pages: 448 (est.)


Waiting for the book to be launched in Indian market .

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Fedora-12 (Constantine) released

Fedora 12 released today .

See the release documentation here
Installation guide

To download go to

Fedora-12 comes with
Kernal - 2.6.31
KDE 4.3
NOME 2.28

It has mobilin support too.

Happy hacking !!


Historic paper on the origin and development of Indian Language Technologies

Recently I got an interesting research paper on Indian Language technology. Title of the paper is "A Journey from Indian Scripts Processing to Indian Language Processing " by Dr.RMK Sinaha IIT Kanpur. The article appeared in 'IEEE Annals of the History of Computing' . The author is a pioneer and leading researcher in Indian Language Processing. Without his contribution Indian Language Technologies might not have been matured this much. I am not going to put any comment on his writing, because I am a humble disciple of Dr.RMK .

The article is pretty much larger one (24 pages). I will just give the main points which discussed in the paper.
The article begins with a good short and informative introduction to Indian languages. In the introductory section he discusses digital divide and its impacts in a multilingual country like India.Then he directly proceeds to the features of Indian scripts. In this section he discusses the logic of conjunct formation of Indian languages, similarities and dissimilarities in Indic scripts. The 'script composition grammar' of Indic languages are also discussed in this section. In the next section he discusses the history of printing in india. The developments from printing to computers. Developments regarding the typewriter for Devenagri is discussed in detail. Then he proceeds to the efforts in the computer processing of Indian Languages by IIT Kanpur and other people. He narrated the history of Integrated Devenagri Computer(IDC) and GIST technology, the evolution if ISCII, ISFOC and InScript standards. Detailed history of GIST/ISM technology is given in the article. A brief description on the history of Indian Language word processors are also there in the article. An account of the OCR technology for Indian language is also found in the article. Then he directly proceeds to the developments of other Natural Language Processing activities in India.

Definitely the article is a historical account of Indian Language Technology, which every person who is working in Indian Language Technology should read.

Bibliographic Details :

A Journey from Indian Scripts Processing to Indian Language Processing
Sinha, R.M.K.;
Annals of the History of Computing, IEEE
Volume 31,  Issue 1,  Jan.-March 2009 Page(s):8 - 31
Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/MAHC.2009.1

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BioPuppy2.0 released

BioPuppy- "BioPuppy is an minimal Linux OS and electronic workbench for bio-informatics and computational biology. It has been designed to meet the needs of beginners, learners, students, staffs and Research scholars."

The developers announced the release of BioPuppy2.0 today . You can download it from .

It is great GNU/Linux distro for Life Science people.

Please spread the message

Happy Hacking !!!!!!

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On social networking

I saw an interesting article on 'social networking' in the 6-9 June edition of 'Engineering and Technology' magazine. The article appeared in the 'IT Internet' coloum titled "social networking: the business case"  . The article covers different aspects on social networking. It is a useful article for marketing executives and corporate IT managers. Business managers in customer relations and IT fields can gain lot of gyan from this article.

The initial page of the article is awesome. There is an interesting illustration, which tells how social networking is utilised by different peoples. It says how a developer, CEO/HR manager, marketing executive and a student utilises for their work. The punch line in the page is " Spread the word: social networks do have the potential to become business enablers if you get to know them well enough."

I have gone through the article. The use of social networking in different area creates different thoughts and worries. The author discusses those thought and worries in the article. As we know most of the IT companies might have banned/restricted access to social networking sites. What may be the reason. An IT manger will tell that 'We are affried that it may affect our productivity, use of bandwidth and data lose etc..." It is correct .

One of my friend who is a network admin in a company told the same. One of the PL found that most of his project mates are spending much time in reading blogs and orkutting. What he did is restricted the access, like you can visit those sites during lunch time. But the real head ache started after that only. People who became addicted to social networking may try to access those sites through 'external proxies', which became a head ache for the network admin. We know that some utilities like Twitter is helpful for attackers to spread virus and malwares. You may have also some stories like this to tell. 

Ya the author also shares his thoughts on the same. He quotes 'Graham Cluley' from Sophos :
        ‘Denying staff access
        to social networking
        sites will only drive
        them to find a way
        round the ban’ 
The crucial truth .

An important pint which the author mentioned in his article is - by 2013 50% of Internet users in UK will be  visiting social networking sites al-least once in a month and developers will be spending minimum 30 minutes in per day in these sites. He pinpoints the top concerns about the social networking like a) loss of productivity b) data leakage c) malwares and phishing etc...

Till now we were talking about the adverse effects of social networking. Does it have any creative use in business? Surely. As I mentioned the picture in the article depending upon your functional area you can use it . For example an HR executive  can search for potential candidates from social networking sites like linkedin or XING. It happens now also. So many international IT firms are experimenting with this methodology. Author of this article also shares thoughts related to this also.

Being a social networking site consumer I came across so many facts. In global village caste religion ,sexual orientation and fundamentalism doesn't looses its role. You can find caste religion and sexuality oriented communities in your favourite social networking sites. Is it for good or bad ? who knows !!!

What gyan an IT manager or marketing professional can gain from this article is interesting .
1) How to set-up a corporate social network usage policy for your organisation. The author gives six guidelines. It can be called as golden guidelines for the same.
Instead of ban to social networking sites employer can give acces to those sites with limited functionalities. Employee may be restricted to use some features in a social networking site like. So it can be called as social networking in workplace without loosing the productivity and no networking headache.

2) To a marketing manager of HR executive - How can enhance business with social networking sites, or how can I find potential candidates for my company is possible. I think people are also experimenting with this. Personally I having some experience with this.
3) Social networking sites are good for freelancers to find out clients .

Web2.0 + social networking  + collective intelligence = better marketing .
It will be a future equation .

Bibliographic Details
Social networking: the business case - [IT internet]
Wilson, J.;
Engineering & Technology
Volume 4,  Issue 10,  6-19 June 6 2009 Page(s):54 - 56 

Disclimer - The post includes my own comments on the article mentioned above and social networking.


Some thoughts on Tweeting

I am not a twitter user :-) :-( . But I found that twitter has an importent role in my professional area (Natural Language Processing). Lots of R&D activities are happening related to blogging and microbloging, like 'sentiment analysis' etc.. I think it is going to be the next generation marketing  platform.

 Today I was searching on IEEE Xplore for academic papers related to twitter. The keyword 'Twitter' returned 23 results in IEEE Xplore. I found an one page writeup on tweeting by 'Robobert W. Lucky' titled "To Twitter Or Not to Twitter?".It appeared in the 'Reflection coloum of IEEE Spectrum. He shares his thoughts on tweeting and people who used to tweet in this article. He concludes the article so:
"So is the networking phenomenon a great revolution in social consciousness, or is this just a lot of pointless, incessant barking? If you get a message that I’ve just awakened, you’ll know what I’ve decided."

The full version of the article can be accessed from this link

The second article I found was "Yes, we can Twitter" by 'Sangani, K'. It gives a short history of twitter, popular users on twitter, trends in twitter and about virus and spoofing attack . The author quotes reports from "Sophos" an anti-virus company. The article appeared in 'Engineering and Technology' Volume 4,  Issue 6,  11-24 April 11 2009 Page(s):34 - 35 .

Another write-up I came came across is by 'Fred Douglis' entitled 'Information Overload,140 Characters at a Time'. He also shares his personal thoughts on tweets with some user experience. He concludes his writing :
        "My own prediction is that Twitter
        will continue to be successful
        for a while, but if it doesn’t improve
        its communication model, it will be
        overtaken by a competing service
        that will have a better handle on
        controlling information and permitting
        people to get high-value content
        while avoiding the dreck. Time
        will tell."
The article appeared in Internet Computing, IEEE,Volume 13,  Issue 4,  July-Aug. 2009 Page(s):4 - 5.

There are other articles too. I am reading those articles. I am more interested in "NLP with Twitter content".

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NLTK new version released .

The latest version of NLTK 2.0b7 is available for download now. See the ChangeLog for details on bugfixes and new features.

Happy Hacking !!

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Graphical works with NLTK


                                                                      Image -I


                                                                                        Image -II


                                                                       Image - III

Can you guess from which data this plots are generated ? This is plot of WordNet relations generated with NLTK and Python-networkx library. I got this idea from the 4th cahpter of the book Natural Language Processing with Python.

The Image _i generated from the synset relation  of the word 'bird' and Image - II from 'language' and Image III from 'Python'. For more information read the book Natural Language Processing with Python.

Happy hacking !!!!!!

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