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Python3 ZWJ and Malayalam; some doubts

Again I tried to do something in Python3. But it resulted in some strange results.
See the below given code.

    ==== Code Begin =========

    def ജഗന്‍ ():
        print("എന്റെ പേര് ജഗന്‍ എന്നാണ്")
        ജഗന്‍  = "ഞാന്‍"
        print(ജഗന്‍  )

    ജഗന്‍ ()

==== Code End ===========

When I tried to execute this it throws some error.

    ~/pypract$ python3
      File "", line 2
        def ജഗന്‍ ():
    SyntaxError: invalid character in identifier


I thought that it may be due to the use of
'ZWJ' in some names I used in function names and variable names. So I decided to rewrite the same without 'ZWJ' character. The code is given below

    ==== Code Begin =====
    def ജഗന്‍():
        print("എന്റെ പേര് ജഗന്‍ എന്നാണ്")
        ജഗന്‍= "ഞാന്‍"

    ==== Code End =======

This code executed with out any error. What I did is I replaced the ന്‍ with the Unicode 5.1 equivalent .
The output is

    /pypract$ python3
    എന്റെ പേര് ജഗന്‍ എന്നാണ്

I can't understand what is happening. Is a logical mistake I made in my program!!!
Or is it a problem related to ZWJ and Python????

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Carl T. @ 11.10.2009 05:21 GMT

I had similar problems to the one's you had in Konsole (I'm on KDE). I had to use Idel (Tkinter) to get it to work. I blogged about this:

I suspect it would work in Konsole (or Gnome's terminal) if the locale is set in a certain way, but don't quote me on it.

For now, I'm working with vim and Idle (Tkinter) as I outlined in my blog.

Thanks for posting this. It's linked to on the PythonWiki's Malayam page:

Carl T.
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