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Pycon India 2009 a report

Our team landed Bangalore on 25th night 9.15 for the first Indian Python Conference. Our colleague Mr.Sudharshan arranged accommodation for us in a men's hostel near to MEI @ Bangalore(Thanks to Sudharshan and Subhash). The whether was so cool. We felt it something like reached from Sahara to Antarctica.

On 26th morning we reached IISC around 9.45 a.m. Too late! We missed the talk "My adventures with Python" by Prabhu Ramachandran. The hall was full.

My friend Godfrey and myself attended the talks in Hall L4 in the morning session. The session started with a talk by Anand B Pillai  on "Python tools for Network Security". It was really nice one. He demonstrated how we can use Python tools for network security. The next talk was by Senthil Kumaran on "Algorithms in Python". He just gave brief intro to Python3 and his contribution to Python3. He demonstrated how different algorithms can be implemented in Python and also an evaluation of those algorithms. Students asked so many questions on the implementation. Really his presentation style was rocking one!

After these tow talks two lightning talks were given by two people from Dell gave a small talk on how Python is used in Dell for Hardware testing. But th code is not open!!!!!!!

During the lunch time I interacted with Anivar Aravind Santhosh Thottingal and some other SMC members. Just chit chat. After the lunch I rushed to Hall L5.

The first talk in Hall L5 after lunch was by Vinay Modi from Voice Pitara on "Semantic Web ad Python". He explained the concepts in Semantic Web and Python RDFLib in a nice way. He also mentioned about the semantic web expeditions by his group. I got some threads to begin on semantic web. There was no session managers(I am not sure). But he finished the talk by 45 minutes and answered for the queries from the audience.  The next talk was by Anand Janakiraman from Strand on "An analysis of the use of Python/Jaython at Strand". He introduced what are the services provided by Starnd and the role of Pytho/Jython in their product. He demonstrated the analysis of delegate registration in the India Python Conference with Avardis(TM) and some funny thing in the registration. How many spellings for Bangalore !! The law of Choice. His presentation style was incredible. Everybody enjoyed it. Some questions like why "jython" why not groovy ? etc came from the audience. Hmmm he answered it all with a smile, like a saint.

Tea break .

After having tea I rushed to Hall L4 . The first talk after the tea break was by Ramakrishna Readdy on "Building Python Applications for the Linux Enterprise". I am not literate enough to give the gist of his talk. The next talk was on "National Mission on Education" by Prabhu Ramacandran and Asokan Pichai. Dr.Prabhu introduced the project National Mission for Education and his drem about Python in eduction. After Prabhu ashokan pichai explained the plans of the project. After the talk they distributed a live DVD for experimenting with Python tools and T-Shirts too. But some people missed it!!

That was the end of the day one.

On the second day 27th I reached the venue by 9.45. little bit late. I rushed to Hall L5 . Keerthi Shankar was delivering his talk on "Python and .NET". In an attractive way he delivered the talk. He gave some real world examples of IronPython as well as .NET and its inter operability. The next talk was by Vikrant Patil from Strand on "Can your UI change colors like a chamelon". He demonstrated how the avardis(tm) scripting frame work works. He gave live demo with real world examples. It is wonder to see that how Python/Jython helps to solve customer requirements with in minutes. It is good model, really good business model. The next talk was given by me on "Natural Language Toolkit" . A talk with a text file opened in gedit and a python interpreter with some plots and mistakes. Thanks to Gopalasivam for providing laptop for the presentation.

Lunch break.

After having a nice lunch I escaped from the venue with my friends. Because my health became worse by the cool weather in Bangalore.

To me that was the end of first Indian Python Conference.

It was really great event. Well organised one . All the sessions were really brainstorming.


There is a bug in the T-Shirt "I am not reappy a wizard I am using Python".
"really" became "reappy" really unsolvable bug!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to my team mates Godfrey, Gopalasivam and Sudharsan for travelling with me to attend the conference.

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Kenneth Gonsalves @ 30.09.2009 03:32 GMT
not at all boaring - not even boring. Why are you so diffident? btw, you need to add spell checking to your blog app.
ചെലക്കാണ്ട് പോടാ @ 30.09.2009 17:51 GMT
not only in his blog, but the t-shirt provided in they pyconf also.

did anyone tell abt malayalam translation of python for you and me?
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