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Sad demise of Prof. V.I. Subrahmaniom

 Prof. V. I. Subrahmaniom eminent scholar in Linguistics, especially in Dravidian Linguistics passed away. He was the hon. Director of Dravidian Linguistics Association and International School of Dravidian Linguistics(ISDL), Thumba, Kerala. After retearing from service he was living in ISDL. His life was dediacted for Research and Teaching in Linguistics. He took initiatives for conducting Dialect Survey, publication of Journal of Dravidian Linguistics etc.. I taked to him only once in my life. It was a great experience. After hering my paper on Malayalam morphology he called me. We discussed different aspects of Malayalam morphology aroung one hour. It was a wonderful experience. Now he became part of the history of dravidian Linguistics. 

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Old Books @ thiruvanantahpuram City

 There are somany book stalls in Trivandrum . You can purchase technical books to service books from those book stalls. There will be routine book fairs too. But most of the book lovers will be visting a reguler book fair. That is the Old Book Shops at Thiruvanathapuram. When I came to Thiruvananthapuram in 2000 it was scattered in many parts of the city, east fort, near secreteriate, University Office etcc. The town planners compelled the sellers to change their market place to here and there. Now those shops are located near the Public libraray and University mens hostel. 

From PSC guide to Medical Engineering text books, out of print books are available there. I am going to miss all these views. Because I am moving to Chennai.

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Resume Building made easy

 Recently I came across a resume builder tool. It is an online one. If your resume contents are decided login to  . Fill in the details, select design and download. You can download resume in any format like M$ Word Adobe PDF, ODT, HTML and TXT. Also you will get a resume website like 

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Gambas the new free development environment

 I was reading Shibu Varkalas blog. I came across posting related to anew Open Source Development Environment called "Gambas". It can replace Visual Basic of M$. But it is not a clone of M$ VB.  The gambas site narrates its features as followes

" With Gambas, you can quickly design your program GUI with QT or GTK+, access MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, ODBC and SQLite databases, pilot KDE applications with DCOP, translate your program into any language, create network applications easily, make 3D OpenGL applications, make CGI web applications, and so on...


I downloaded a beautifull open book on Gambas programming.  After reading the boob my friend who is familier with Visual Studio told that it is easy to migrate from VB to Gambas. Syllabus designers who introduces VB please incorporate this tool in your syllabus. 

I am moving from my current organization in the next week so I am busy with finishing ded lines. Will try the tool and post more details soon.

Also my friend agreed that he will try it soon. If he suceed in it I will post the result. My friend is novice in GNU/Linux :-).

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Hanging bridge@Punalur

Hanging bridge at Punalur

See the picture .

It is one of the engineering wonders in Kerala. The excellence of British people. Even now nobody knows how to repair it or make an exact replica! It overcame so many fllod in Kallada river.

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Open Workbench project sheduler

Open Workbench open source project scheduling tool.

Open workbench is a project scheduler and project management tool. Again a Ruby based desktop application. Most of the project leaders and managers in the corporate world will be using M$ Project for scheduling and managing there project. Dear leaders and managers have a change!!. Here is an alternative for you "Open Workbench". Everything which you are doing in M$ tool will be available here, some times more. The project is supported by CA. If your company would like to reduce licensing cost of M$ Project recommend it and save $$ers. I tried it. Great!!. Before getting the tool I was doing all the thing with M$ tool. (Sorry I compelled to use it. So i searched for an open tool). There was no difficulty in using it. Easy to install and use. No dependency no license ultimate freedom. I used the tool for creating schedules of two projects which i coordinated in my previous organisation.

If you are an open source guy you will ask What about planer? Yes palnner is there. But Open Workbench is more and more advanced one. Have feel of it.

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Redmine the Open Source way for effective project management

 Redmine the Open Source way for project management

Recently I came across a new Free and Open Source project management tool called Redmine. Very nice tool. It is web based frame work developed in Rubu on Rails architecture. It is use ful for Open Source Communities to Corporate world. The entire software production life cycle can be made tracable and automated. It is highely customisable. The installation instruction says that it will tale 15 minuted to install, if you are familier with Ruby language. But it may take more time. I treid to install it in a Fedora8 machine and integrate with apache for intranet access. Both people were novice in Ruby so we took three days to configure it. The main advantage of this tool is its customisability. Depending upon the need of community or organization you can customize it or add more features. A handful of plug-is are also available for the tool. The most interesting one is the library plug in. It can be used to anage the libraray in an organisation. I am sure it will become most favorite tool for the corporate world and open community.

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